Renewable energy makes our world cleaner and healthier.

As an Independent Power Producer (IPP) we initiate, develop and operate wind, solar and storage projects to serve communities across Europe, today and for decades to come.

1.1 GW

Under construction by 2023

2,119 MWh

p.a. of generation by 2024 Which would power 757,000 new homes

1.6 million tons CO2

Of avoided emissions That's equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 1.8 million flights between Tel Aviv and London

We are a flexible organization with high growth capabilities, constantly looking for expansion opportunities. We solve significant challenges by collaborating with our stakeholders, clients, and our network of local partners.
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Our Vision

Renewable energy will provide more than power: It will form the platform upon which tomorrow׳s communities are built, reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs, and enabling a whole world of new opportunities as we build a better future.

Our Mission

To create win-win situations for all stakeholders in renewable energy projects, we are developing, owning, and operating bespoke projects that cut carbon today while creating cleaner, healthier, and sustainable communities. fit to thrive in the future.

Portrait of engineer man or worker, people, with solar panels or solar cells on the roof in farm. Power plant with green field, renewable energy source in Thailand. Eco technology for electric power.


Our teams are deeply embedded in their networks across the US and Europe. Thus, this allows them to unearth the best opportunities, thanks to our local, technical and regulatory expertise.


We assemble all the pieces needed for a shovel-ready project, from expert design capabilities to regulatory permissions and risk management processes.


Our projects aim for quality and longevity, which means we work with the best local EPC partners and maintain close control throughout the construction process.


We don׳t fit and forget. We commit to long-term, hands-on asset management to maximize value from our projects and ensure the best outcome for our investors.

Our vigour and adaptability, mixed with local presence and in-depth knowledge, allow us to operate in market segments overlooked by conventional infrastructure funds.

About us

Kenlov Renewable Energy is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) focused on mature technologies such as onshore wind, solar and storage projects in Europe. Kenlov Renewable Energy is the right partner of choice for developing early-stage renewable energy projects, creating better outcomes for developers, investors and the planet.

Kenlov Renewable Energy takes a dynamic and hands-on approach to unearth early-stage projects and maximize their potential. We have a team of established in-country managers and a lean management structure that connects developers directly with decision-makers.

Kenlov Renewable Energy has teams throughout Europe. We currently have 1.1GW of assets under development and a further pipeline of more than 2GW.

About us