Our vision

Renewable energy will provide more than power: It will form the platform upon which tomorrows communities are built – reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs, and enabling a whole world of new opportunities as we build a better future.

Our mission

To create win-win situations for all stakeholders in renewable energy projects, we’re developing, owning, and operating bespoke projects that cut carbon today while creating cleaner, healthier, and sustainable communities – fit to thrive in the future.

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Main office locations


From Tel Aviv, we manage our portfolio and set our strategy – though we’re always on the move in the US and Europe.

United Kingdom

The UK is home to some of our senior leadership and a major market for renewable energy investments in its own right.


Spain boasts the greatest solar potential in Europe and offers a mature local market, making it a key focus for Kenlov Renewable Energy.


Greece has a great potential for renewable energy in different technologies making it a great target for the renewables industry.


Italy is one of the most advanced markets for the production of renewable energy. It has a great infrastructure and economy to expand renewables and to avoid emissions.


Serbia depend heavily on ageing coal-fired power plants to meet their electricity meanwhile the country has targeted to reduce consumption of fossil fuels considerably by 2050


Poland one of the most growing economies in Europe and has a great potential for renewables such as solar and wind


The development of the Romanian economy and potentiality is greatly targeted by the Renewable energy industry, specially by Kenlov.

Meet the teams

Our Team

Olivier Konig

Executive Chairman

Laurent Konig


Richard Ferriday

Managing Director

Yehuda Halevy


Nisan Geron

Financial Manager

Tomer Gordon